How we do things differently


Pemberley was born out of a love of being surrounded by beauty, living life slowly, and seeing our children’s imagination take them on grand adventures, without being limited by their attire.

Our vision was to create a clothing line made with quality craftsmanship and durable materials so that each piece can be passed down to younger siblings and friends, and then to be treasured as a keepsake until your children’s children are old enough to wear your well-loved garments.

Our intention is to return to the days of a minimal, functional wardrobe, each piece worthy of care and passing on to younger siblings or friends for generations.


Each garment is created with children’s play in mind, while keeping your desire to purchase quality, durable, easy to care for, and aesthetically appealing attire for your children.

We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship that goes into each item in our collection, as well as our attention to detail, creating every piece with intention, and the desire to build a legacy that outlasts any trend.


Our process is slow, as it lets us focus on the quality of our work, and the experience we can offer to each of you. 

Every single garment you purchase is made specifically for you - from cutting the fabric, to sewing, and packaging it for shipping. The whole process is completed by the same team that helped design, test, and market the garment. 

Our hope is that the wait for each garment is a time to slow down, to anticipate, and to appreciate the smallest of details that go into your life.


As soon as my daughter opened the package with her Emma dress in it, she immediately wanted to put it on. She was so excited! Thank you for making a product that I enjoy looking at, that my daughter absolutely adores, and that I can trust will hold up through all her adventures. We love our Emma dress!


"I'm going to wear it every day!

Owner of a Emma Dress

I have to bribe my daughter to change out of her Julianna dress so I can wash it as she wants to wear it every day! As soon as it is finished drying she asks to put it back on. It's her favourite dress and I'm so happy to have found a local company who designs dresses for little girls that let them play and have adventures that are also beautiful!


When I gave my daughter the option of a few dresses for our family photos she immediately chose her Pemberley dress. "It's my favourite mama!" And it's one of mine too!